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love life

love is something we have to search and ounce you find it the only way to keep is not to act like a bitch or total dick 

somethings are things we all take for granted and well this is one thing that we should not take for granted 

love is something that is special and you may only find it ounce in a life time and if you do find it you should get a hold of it and keep it

there are people that there are sometimes stuburn but there are -people that realize the thing that they have in front of them and grab a hold of it

i am not one of those people i try but at times i find out its not meant to be and that depresses me

but one day i will find that one person that loves me for me and that will tell his parents that i am his girl and his parents will accept

love is something that only a few people experience and well many people ignore it when they have it right in front of their faces and well even though they see it they will in the end will not give a damm

so when you find it GRAB THAT PERSON TIGHTLY AND TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL unless you dislike them then thats a whole another story

BUT when YOU find HIM/HER try to keep them by your side and you will find true happiness

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